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My Alaska Trip-

I went to Alaska in 1995, so things may have changed in the intervening years.

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Here are some pictures

This is Sheep Mountain in the Yukon Territories on the Alcan (Alaskan Highway). The highway runs at the base of the mountain.

These are the costal mountains as viewed from inland in the Yukon. Alaska has mountains everywhere.

This is a moose that passed right behind our bus in Denali Nat'l park. You are not allowed to drive your own vehicle in Denali. We saw Denali (Mount McKinley) on the drive up from Anchorage, but it had clouded over by the time we reached the park. I was told that only about 30% of tourists actually see the mountain.

A Sow Grizzly and three cubs also made an appearance. This was a long telephoto shot on an overcast day and was hand held so it's blurry. We also saw wolves, caribou, and Dall Sheep.

Here is the family standing on the Arctic Circle. Left to right is Me, Barb, my cousin Elizabeth, My mom Beverly, and my brother AJ.

Downtown Portage, south of Anchorage. Read the sign.

I caught a couple King Salmon in Homer on the spit. This one ran out 40 or 50 yards of line three times before I landed it. It was skinny and only weighed 20 pounds. I was happy anyway.

This is a small glacier in British Columbia emptying into a small freshwater lake. I fell down on six different glaciers on the trip. The glaciers are rapidly retreating right now, so if you want to see them, go now.

An "Elk Jam" in Yellowstone Nat'l Park on the way home. I thought Yellowstone would be boring and too touristy. I was wrong. It is well worth the visit.