Pictures from an old Peck Photo Album

These photos are out of an old album that I believe made it's way down through the Peck and/or Soule Family of the Kensigton Area. The only name I see mentioned is A.W. Griswald of Guilford, CT and many of the photos are from Guilford, CT. I have figured out that some pictures show Wilbur Soule and Hattie Soule or Hariett Soule, and their daughter Helen Soule. The rest are still a mystery.

I scanned them in on an Epson 1640su scanner, then used Microsoft Picture It, Seirra Imaging's Image Expert to restore the photos. Some were in extremely poor shape and I'm very happy with the results.

If anyone wants a better copy of any of these pictures let me know. I comprimised between image quality and loading speed with these. As to the originals, if any historical association has a desire fot them let me know and it might be arranged.

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Guilford, dec. 1892- Does anybody know what this is?

barrel_stove.jpg (266240 bytes)

I believe this is Guilford.

boats_being_built.jpg (387066 bytes)

Ice Storm in Cheshire Jan 12th , year unkown

cheshire_icestorm1.jpg (383578 bytes)

Another Cheshire Ice Storm photo

cheshire_icestorm2.jpg (554293 bytes)

A Cheshire Band- not dated but other photos are 1893 to 1905

chesire_band.jpg (341949 bytes)

"What so rare as a day in June" was the inscription, Guilford, 1892 0r 3. This is Wilbur Soule and his wife, Hattie (Peck) Soule.

couple_on_back_porch.jpg (362664 bytes)

Guilford- Residence of WE Griswald. Anyone know if it's still there?

griswald_house_aug1900.jpg (308936 bytes)

Guilford Fair- Sept. 1893

guilford_fair.jpg (348260 bytes)

Another Guilford Fair 1893

guilford_fair2.jpg (291220 bytes)

Guilford, "The Sluice" is the possible caption. Dec. 1892

guilford_ships.jpg (224648 bytes)

Guilford Town Hall 1892

guilford_townhall.jpg (280520 bytes)

Hubbard Park, Meriden

hubbard_park1.jpg (435923 bytes)

Guilford, June 1892

??? Island Light

lighthouse.jpg (223386 bytes)

"Two Helens" Guilford, Aug 1900. I believe one of these girls is Helen Soule.

peck_2girls_on_porch.jpg (270770 bytes)

No Name- Feb 22, 1901

peck_girl1.jpg (175060 bytes)

No Name- Aug. 1901

peck_girl2.jpg (130801 bytes)

No Name- Cheshire, Dec. 1900

peck_girl3.jpg (335865 bytes)

This is Wilbur Erwn Soule.

peck_guitar_player.jpg (236640 bytes)

Guilford, June 1890? "The Old Gov. Loeede Place"?

peck_historical_house.jpg (343094 bytes)

"A Cape Cod View" Sandwich. Mass

peck_horse&wagon.jpg (409524 bytes)

"The Bride" Morris, Ct Aug 28, ????

peck_lady_in_rocker.jpg (356968 bytes)

I believe these three photos are all from...

peck_parlor.jpg (211796 bytes)

516 Howard Ave, New Haven, Ct...

peck_parlor2.jpg (360728 bytes)

dated 190?

peck_sitting_room.jpg (326408 bytes)

Madison, CT in August. I believe the guy with the beard is in front of the AW Griswald residence above. The second lady from the left, in the chair, is Hattie Soule I think, which means she is probably holding Helen Soule.

peck_unknow2.jpg (311924 bytes)

No Information

peck_unknown_people.jpg (321096 bytes)

No Information

peck_unkown_bridge.jpg (377668 bytes)

No Information

peck_unkown_building.jpg (270816 bytes)

No Information

peck_unkown_house.jpg (262892 bytes)

Train Wreck- Dec. 1892. Guilford

train_wreck.jpg (219676 bytes)

"Old Stone House 1639" Guilford. Known as the Whitfield House

peck_unkown_house2.jpg (410710 bytes)


Whitfield House