Using this website

Two kinds of family history data are represented: the individuals in the family, and the sources of information about the family. Pages about individuals give the person's name, and a list of events that happened in their life. There may be a small family tree diagram at the top of the page, which links to other individuals in the family. It shows three generations:

  1. The individual's parents (if known).
  2. The individual whom the page is about, their spouse(s) and/or partner(s) and their siblings.
  3. Any children of the individual.

At the bottom of the page are listed any sources of information that have been cited. Each of these links to a page giving more detail on that particular source.

The pages may be navigated in several different ways:

  1. Click the Index link at the top of the page, and search for an individual of interest. Click on their name to go to the page about them.
  2. Click the boxes in the tree diagram. If no tree diagram is shown, click names in the list of family members at the top of the page.
  3. Click the previous child and next child links (if available) to see pages for the other siblings in the family.
  4. Clicking front page takes you to the starting page, which gives a summary of the family data and links to any individuals of particular significance to the author.
  5. Clicking main site (if available) takes you to the author's main web site.

Pictures may be clicked, in which case a larger version of the picture will be shown if available.