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Edward George DAYTON1,2

21st Jan 19031,2 - 30th Apr 19491,2

Life History

21st Jan 1903

Born in East Orange, Essex, New Jersey, USA.1,2

29th May 1930

Married Ellen Janett KALQUIST in New York City (All Boroughs), New York, USA.1,2

30th Apr 1949

Died in Rutherford, Bergen, New Jersey, USA.1,2


Birth of daughter Phyllis Eileen DAYTON


Birth of daughter Diane Gail DAYTON


  • [WFT pedigree #1426 glass of J Dayton.FTW]     [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 3,Ed. 1, Tree #1426, Date of Import: Aug 7, 2000]     Daddy was a sandyhaired man with freckles.  When he was growing up, he was called"Red".  He could best be described as laid-back, partly because oftemperament, partly because of choice, and partly because of adebilitating emphesema which took his life at age 46.     Talking withDaddy's best friend, Wally Coleman, recently, an old fashioned wordcame up which also applies.  This word is "honorable." After losinghis Jewelry/ Diamond Import business on Maiden Lane during thedepression, Daddy worked three jobs to pay back everyone to whom heowed money.  He was lucky enough to get a job with New Jersey BellTelephone Company, worked nights as a projectionist at a local MovieTheater and, if there was any spare time, at a Discount Grocery store.Going through an old trunk I found a revolver, a gun permit and anidentification card with his picture on it and the words  "SpecialSecret Service" hinting at an extended life of which I know nothing.  He was a lover of dogs, especially his German Shepherd, "Buddy".Reading was a favorite pasttime, ranging from poetry to his monthlysubscription of "Esquire".  He also loved to work in his shop in thebasement, cutting, carving and engraving.  I remember the replica ofthe Queen Mary he made for me to play with in the bathtub, only itwould never stay upright!     We had a secret language between us.The ending was always, "Do you love me?" and the answer,"morthantunkintel" which meant, "more than tongue can tell."  I wassure nobody knew what we were saying!


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