Robert GOLDHATCH Ralph DAYTON Samuel DAYTON Bennett MEADE Mini tree diagram

Alice TRITTON1,2

15871,2 - 16551,2

Life History


Born in Ashford, Devon, England.1,2

between 1606 and 1634

Birth of son Samuel DAYTON in Ashford, Kent, England.2,1

16th Jun 1617

Married Ralph DAYTON.3,1


Died in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, USA.1,2


  • [WFT pedigree #1426 glass of J Dayton.FTW]     [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 3,Ed. 1, Tree #1426, Date of Import: Aug 7, 2000]     Alice was thedaughter of Robert Goldhatch or Goldwich, a husbandman (farmer) ofAshford,  Kent whose will, proved July 19, 1600, named his wifeBennet, eldest son Richard, son William, youngest son Robert, anddaughter Alice Goldhatche.  Robert Goldhatch had married, apparentlyfor his second wife, at Ashford, April 16, 1585, Bennett Meade orMeede, who survived him.  She, whose name is a corruption ofBenedicta, was the mother of Alice, and Alice named her elder Trittonchild for her.     Alice's father-in-law, Hugh Tritton, married herwidowed mother, Bennet, so the first husband of Alice (Daniel Tritton)was her step-brother!

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