Samuel DAYTON Alice TRITTON Mini tree diagram

Ralph DAYTON1,2

15881,2 - 16581,2

Life History


Born in County Kent, England.1,2

between 1606 and 1634

Birth of son Samuel DAYTON in Ashford, Kent, England.2,1

16th Jun 1617

Married Alice TRITTON.3,1


Death of Alice TRITTON in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, USA.1,2


Died in East Hampton, Suffolk, New York, USA.1,2


  • [WFT pedigree #1426 glass of J Dayton.FTW]     [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 3,Ed. 1, Tree #1426, Date of Import: Aug 7, 2000]     Ralph was ashoemaker.  In the primitive economy of the Colonies at that periodwhere the majority were farmers, people with trades were welcomed inthe pioneer settlements.  Ralph went to New Haven where he signed hisname "Ralph Dayghton" in the record book of New Haven Planters.  Helater moved to East Hampton, L.I. and was appointed agent to theConnecticut Colony in 1651 and chosen for Constable October 7, 1651.Alice died in 1655 and Ralph remarried a rich widow, Mary Haynes.Ralph and Alice were great, great grandparents of Jonathan Dayton(1760-1824) .  At age 26 he was the youngest signer of the U.S.Constitution.  He served in the Revolutionary War and the NJ Assembly.He was a member of Congress 1791-1799, Speaker of House ofRepresentatives 1795-1799, U.S. Senator from NJ 1799 - 1805.  Dayton,Ohio was named after him.

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