Ralph DAYTON Isaac DAYTON  MADELEINE Alice TRITTON Mini tree diagram

Samuel DAYTON1,2

between 1606 and 16341,2 - 5th Jul 16901,2

Life History

between 1606 and 1634

Born in Ashford, Kent, England.1,2

between 1629 and 1671

Married MADELEINE.3,2


Birth of son Isaac DAYTON.1,2

between 1662 and 1724

Death of MADELEINE.2,1

5th Jul 1690

Died in Brookhaven, Suffolk, New York, USA.1,2


  • [WFT pedigree #1426 glass of J Dayton.FTW]     [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 3,Ed. 1, Tree #1426, Date of Import: Aug 7, 2000]     Samuel waschristened on February 7, 1624 at Ashford, Kent, England and movedwith his family to New Haven around 1641.  On May, 1645, he was blamedfor the loss of a cow when acting as herdsman but the Court judged itto be "an afflicting providence of God" so he didn't have to pay afine for sleeping on watch.     In the early 1660's his wife died andhe went through a period of non-prosperity and had to apprentice twoof his sons and sell most of his land.  However, after a move toSetauket, Long Island he purchased a home, was made Constable and thenOverseer and was often commissioned to deal with the Indians.  Familytradition says that he married Wilhelmina, a Montauk Indian.

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