• 31. Frank Langdon9 Wilcox (Samuel Curtis8, Benjamin7, Samuel6, Daniel5, Samuel4, Israel3, John2, John1) , b. Jan. 6, 1859, Berlin, Conn.; m. Jan. 19, 1898, Harriet Churchill Webster, b. Mar. 20 1870, in Berlin, Conn., dau. of Deacon Charles Selah Webster and Julia Sophia Higgins. Res. Berlin, Conn.

    Mr. Wilcox was educated with the view of taking up, in a measure, his father's tasks, and his life for twenty years has been in the direction designed. He attended the Berlin Academy until he was twelve years of age, when he entered St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H., where he was grad. in 1876, after five years in its preparatory course. He then entered Trinity College, Hartford, where he was grad. in 1880, entering the shops of the Peck; Stow & Wilcox Company, at Kensington, Berlin, he became their manager in 1885, continuing in that capacity until the consolidation of the Kensington factory, with the other factories of the company, four years later. He then became associated with the Berlin Iron Bridge Company as its treasurer, which responsible position he held until the company was absorbed by the American Bridge Co., on May 12, 1900. He is also interested in and identified with many business interests in Hartford county ; vice-president o1 the Peck, Stow & Wilcox Co.; director of Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Hartford; Phoenix National Bank, of Hartford; New Britain Mechanics National Bank, of New Britain; of the Berlin Savings Bank, of Berlin; secretary and treasurer of the Middltown & Portland Bridge Co. Is pres. of Fidelity Trust Co. of Hartford.
    In politics Mr. Wilcox is a staunch Republican. He represented the town in the State Legislature in 1893, serving as clerk of the Judiciary Committee. In 1903 he was a member of the State Senate, representing the Second District ; was chosen chairman of Committee on Senatorial Districts, Expositions and Rivers, Roads and Bridges. Was of the Connecticut Commission to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. Is president of Trinity College Alumni Associaton and Athletic. Association and a benefactor of the College Athletic Club; a member of St. Elmo Commandery, Knights Templar, Meriden, Conn.; of Delta Psi, College fraternity; of Engineers Club of New York; Judge Advocate on 1st Company Governor's Foot Guard, and of several social clubs. He is also a member of the Advisory Committee of the Connecticut Commission to the Jamestown Exposition, and is President of the Society of Middletown Upper Houses, being descended from six of the founders of the Upper Houses. He is superintendent of the Congregational Sunday School of Berlm. While at one time Berlin had twenty-five voters bearing the name of Wilcox, he at present (1908) is the only Wilcox voter in the town. The Wilcox tribe covers all the land today.