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Kora's Pictures

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Teenie Weenie Yellow Poka Dot Bikini A new project- Online Movies. See the exciting "Teenie Weenie Yellow Poka Dot Bikini Song here:

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net-xmas04.jpg (79001 bytes)



February 2003

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030220-snow1.jpg (79001 bytes) 030220-snow2.jpg (64576 bytes)


Here are some pictures from Halloween 2002. Mom made the Snow White Costume for me.

net-02_hw001.jpg (87907 bytes) net-02_hw002.jpg (82746 bytes) net-02_hw007.jpg (86254 bytes) net-02_hw009.jpg (134833 bytes)


Here I am at the Bethlehem Fair 2002.

net-02_bf001.jpg (73353 bytes)

net-02_bf002.jpg (99169 bytes)

net-02_bf003.jpg (96519 bytes)

net-02_bf005.jpg (197127 bytes)

net-02_bf007.jpg (178961 bytes)

net-02_bf008.jpg (109579 bytes)

net-02_bf013.jpg (144832 bytes)



Heres's some pictures of me making sure grandma doesn't fall off the couch (12/13/01)

2001 12 13net-003.jpg (112349 bytes)

2001 12 13net-005.jpg (185395 bytes)

Here are some Halloween Pictures from 2001
Pumpkin Head is

my friend

net-01-10-31001.jpg (80517 bytes)

net-01-10-31002.jpg (82299 bytes) This is the Halloween

dress my Mom made

net-01-10-31003.jpg (94563 bytes)

Chillin' on the


net-01-10-31007.jpg (59714 bytes)

My Mom made me this

Lion costume, too

net-01-10-31006.jpg (101649 bytes) net-01-10-31005.jpg (87597 bytes) net-01-10-31004.jpg (82546 bytes)


Here's some new pictures getting ready for Halloween!
net-01 10 18-001.jpg (74762 bytes) net-01 10 18-002.jpg (82263 bytes) net-01 10 18-003.jpg (107169 bytes) net-01 10 18-004.jpg (106854 bytes) net-01 10 18-005.jpg (148579 bytes)
net-01 10 18-006.jpg (73342 bytes) net-01 10 18-007.jpg (145664 bytes) net-01 10 18-008.jpg (137605 bytes) net-01 10 18-009.jpg (133315 bytes) net-01 10 18-010.jpg (74930 bytes)


I'm good when I'm sleepin with my Puppy for a pillow

net-2001 06 05-01.jpg (76884 bytes)

Picnics in the summer

net-2001 07 14-06.jpg (90896 bytes) net-2001 07 14-11.jpg (125539 bytes)

Daddy's Flowers

net-2001 07 14-07.jpg (131748 bytes)

My new kitchen from Aunt Mary

net-2001 07 17 1.jpg (65206 bytes)

Cruisin' the Lake with Grammy Y.

net-2001 08 2023.jpg (95834 bytes)

Washin' the car with Mommy

net-2001 09 04-3.jpg (117112 bytes) net-2001 09 04-6.jpg (119415 bytes)

Just Me

kora_easter_2001_net001.jpg (30191 bytes) kora_easter_2001_net002.jpg (30044 bytes) kora_easter_2001_net006.jpg (24248 bytes)

Pictures of me at Easter Time

kora_easter_2001_net003.jpg (25072 bytes) kora_easter_2001_net004.jpg (49296 bytes) kora_easter_2001_net005.jpg (35611 bytes)

I was in Uncle John and Aunt Michelle's Wedding

john_wed_net001.jpg (68049 bytes)

Dancin' with Poppy is FUN!

john_wed_net002.jpg (52334 bytes) john_wed_net003.jpg (62034 bytes)

Here I am at Grammy Bellemare's House Christmas Eve

net_2001_01_21-001.jpg (46610 bytes) net_2001_01_21-002.jpg (41257 bytes)

This is cousin Alyissa with her Grandpa Bob

net_2001_01_21-003.jpg (26424 bytes) net_2001_01_21-004.jpg (24450 bytes)

This is Christmas Day at Grandma Yale's

net_2001_01_21-005.jpg (33821 bytes) net_2001_01_21-006.jpg (30925 bytes) net_2001_01_21-007.jpg (32814 bytes) net_2001_01_21-008.jpg (41636 bytes) net_2001_01_21-009.jpg (48104 bytes)

This is my Uncle AJ

net_2001_01_21-010.jpg (28618 bytes) net_2001_01_21-011.jpg (24295 bytes)

Buying a Christmas Tree

net_2001_01_21-012.jpg (19775 bytes) net_2001_01_21-013.jpg (45018 bytes) net_2001_01_21-014.jpg (40460 bytes)

Playing in the snow for the first time

net_2001_01_21-015.jpg (39941 bytes) net_2001_01_21-016.jpg (37146 bytes)

Video Games are fun!

net_2001_01_21-017.jpg (24722 bytes)

Me and Mom

net_2001_01_21-018.jpg (28307 bytes)

Toys, Toys, Toys

net_2001_01_21-019.jpg (33385 bytes)

Sleepin' in Daddy's Chair

net_2001_01_21-020.jpg (32033 bytes) net_2001_01_21-021.jpg (30538 bytes)

Me and Poppy

net_2001_01_21-022.jpg (38677 bytes)



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