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The Artwork of Ray Quigley

Ray Quigley's best known work was as the illustrator of the Gus Wilson stories (for more information go to )that were a regular part of Popular Science magazine for years. As Ray's grand-nephew I have the good fortune to have access to some of the original illustrations used in the series. He also did the illustrations for several grammer school text books, Boy's Life magazine, some science fiction magazines and a Golden Book.

If you are selling any Ray Quigley original artwork please e-mail me. I will warn you upfront, it is not very commercial.

I can be e-mailed at

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AirCompressor.jpg (1779756 bytes)
March 1961 Popular Science- Gus Meets With Resistance, click HERE to read it.
This is from November 1958- Gus Mends Some Fences-
Available HERE

FarmScene.jpg (2010236 bytes)

FillingGas.jpg (319324 bytes)
January 1961 Popular Science- Gus Tames a Tough Bird, click HERE to read it.
The color you see is a reflection (this one is framed). This is a black and white illustration. The story is Gus Answers a Fire Alarm from the January 1954 Popular Science- Read it HERE.
FireHorses.jpg (881904 bytes)
The color around the edges appears to be some type of dried adhesive. It is present on several illustrations. This is from April of 1951 Popular Science-Gus Teams up with The Doctor- Available HERE.

FuelPump2-aprl1951.jpg (1507264 bytes)

This is my only color Gus Wilson scence. That has to be Silas Barnstable jumping around. The story is from the
August 1967 Popular Science- Gus Tags a Mysterious Tick, click HERE to read it.

GarageFire.jpg (1378476 bytes)

This image is slightly blured. The actual artwork is clear. This is a picture of the foal our horse had in the early 60's. This picture is now the property of my 13 year old daughter.

LadyWithLittleCar.jpg (822692 bytes)
May 1961 Popular Science- Gus Keeps a Lady in Line, click HERE to read it.
This is the dust cover art from a book titled "Lightning on Ice" LightningOnIce2.jpg (1996644 bytes)
LookingUnderHood.jpg (2337616 bytes)
August 1948 Popular Science- Gus Gets Broken in by a New Helper, click HERE to read it.
MadGuyInCar.jpg (2431940 bytes)
June 1959 Popular Science- Gus Turns Private Eye, click HERE to read it.
OfficeScene.jpg (1267068 bytes)
I cannot find this one listed as a Gus Wilson illustration, but it's obviously Gus.
This is a picture of a Studebacker Garford, circa 1907 OldCar.jpg (1673841 bytes)
PrettyGirlInCar.jpg (1569948 bytes)
April 1953 Popular Science- Gus finds a Golden Thread, click HERE to read it.
This picture is on my office wall at work.

November 1954 Popular Science- Gus Goes Dowsing for Water, click HERE to read it.
RunningToCarFire.jpg (2097120 bytes)
October 1955 Popular Science- Gus Starts the Music, click HERE to read it.

StuckInSnow.jpg (1382956 bytes)
December 1963 Popular Science- Gus Picks up a Package of Trouble, click HERE to read it.

I believe this is April 1960- Gus Plays with Fire- Read it HERE.

TruckInLumberYardFire.jpg (1486768 bytes)

From September 1956- Gus Defends a Woman Driver- Click HERE to read it.

WindshieldScene2.jpg (1266192 bytes)