Walnut Vale Farm

A New England Dairy Farm 1700-1970

0001 Arial map of farm today-001.jpg

1895 Meriden House- unretouched-002.jpg

1900 Cows-003.jpg

1900 harvesting with horses-004.jpg

1905 Arthur Yale at the Ram Pond-The barn in back is about where new house is now-005.jpg

1909 Corn in field-006.jpg

1909 Windmill-007.jpg

1910 Barn (2)-008.jpg

1910 barn-025.jpg

1910 Cow Barn-barn still stands on Yale Avenue-009.jpg

1910 Cows (2)-010.jpg

1910 cows-026.jpg

1910 Cut logs in front of Julius Wilcox Yale's house on Yale Avenue-011.jpg

1910 Feeding the Chickens-012.jpg

1910 Julis Hobart Yale's cows on side of hill first gutter-013.jpg

1910 Julius Hobart Yale's cows at ice pond in lower gutter-014.jpg

1910 Julius Hobart Yale's cows in first gutter-015.jpg

1910 Julius Hobart Yale's cows-016.jpg

1910 Julius Wilcox Yale used to win awards at the fairs for his Devon Bulls-017.jpg

1910 Levi Yales farm from north hill lot-018.jpg

1910 Looking across the fields-019.jpg

1910 Looking southwest from south hill lot-020.jpg

1910 looking to Julius Wilcox Yale's from Miller Hill-027.jpg

1910 Looking to Levi Yales from Miller Hill, Charles Miller's house at right-021.jpg

1910 looking west from south hill lot-028.jpg

1910 Meriden House-022.jpg

1910 No Bull-023.jpg

1910 pigs (2)-029.jpg

1910 Pigs-024.jpg

1912 Arthur feeding sillage to cutter-030.jpg

1912 Arthur in Walnut Vale Glen-031.jpg

1912 Corn Cutters at Julius Wilcox Yale's barn-Hired Man, Arthur Yale, David Hobart Yale, Julius Hobart Yale & JWY-032.jpg

1912 Cutting corn in the Rice lot-Julius Hobart Yale, Walter and Levi Yale-033.jpg

1912 Julius Hobart Yale and oxen-034.jpg

1912 Julius Wilcox Yale in high corn-035.jpg

1912 Julius Wilcox Yale with oxen-036.jpg

1912 Julius Wilcox Yale with sheep-037.jpg

1912 Lucy Yale and Mamie with hens-038.jpg

1912 Sheep and Julius Wilcox Yale-039.jpg

1914 Plowing-040.jpg

1915 Horse and iron wheels on the wagon-041.jpg

1915 Julius Wilcox Yale and a fine horse-042.jpg

1915 Julius Wilcox Yale's house with JW and Wm-043.jpg

1915 Oxen- prior to tractor power-044.jpg

1917 Nathan Baldwin, David Lewis Yale, Julius Wilcox Yale, William Baldwin, Arthur Yale -045.jpg

1920 gargage in snow-049.jpg

1920 Horse are better that tractors-046.jpg

1920 Oxen pulling out stuck car-047.jpg

1920 Winter-048.jpg

1939 Tom and Peggy-050.jpg

1940 Cutting Corn-051.jpg

1940 Cutting Silage-052.jpg

1940 Meriden House (2)-053.jpg

1940 Milk House addition-054.jpg

1940 Sheep-055.jpg

1945 Building the Wilbur Cross Parkway (1)-056.jpg

1945 Building the Wilbur Cross Parkway (2)-057.jpg

1945 Building the Wilbur Cross Parkway (3)-058.jpg

1945 Building the Wilbur Cross Parkway (4)-059.jpg

1945 Building the Wilbur Cross Parkway (5)-060.jpg

1945 Building the Wilbur Cross Parkway (6)-061.jpg

1945 Building the Wilbur Cross Parkway (7)-062.jpg

1945 Building the Wilbur Cross Parkway (8)-063.jpg

1945 Building the Wilbur Cross Parkway (9)-064.jpg

1948 The old house on Yale Avenue-065.jpg

1948 Cutting silage- my mom used to drive that truck-067.jpg

1948 Cutting Silage-066.jpg

1948 David Hobart Yale in milk house-068.jpg

1948 David Lewis Yale In front of the Meriden House-069.jpg

1949 Horses-070.jpg

1950 Lots of hay-071.jpg

1950 More hay-072.jpg

1950 Snow-073.jpg

1950 Storm Damage (2)-074.jpg

1950 Storm Damage-075.jpg

1950- The farm delivered dairy with the pick up-076.jpg

1951 And the hay falls off- Julius Robert Yale.-077.jpg

1951 Hay Wagon-078.jpg

1951 The old house on Yale Avenue in the snow-079.jpg

1952 OK, so hay was important to them-080.jpg

1953 Hay was REALLY important- they took lots of pictures.-081.jpg

1953 The jeep pick-up belonged to my Dad, Julius Robert Yale-082.jpg

1954 Backed up to Uncle Arthur Yale's Barn-083.jpg

1954 Harvesting- You can almost see Castle Crag-084.jpg

1955 barn on east side of road- Uncle Arthur Yale's farm-097.jpg

1955 Cutting feed for the cows-085.jpg

1955 Harvest-086.jpg

1955 Julius Robert Yale with lamb-087.jpg

1955 More hay-088.jpg

1955 My Dad's jeep in front of the old house-089.jpg

1955 Nothing runs like a deere-090.jpg

1955 Now that's a snow plow-091.jpg

1955 Pile of hay-092.jpg

1955 Sheep-093.jpg

1955 That truck was my Dad's favorite- and it did anything-094.jpg

1955 This was the vegtable garden- where the new house stands now-095.jpg

1955 Walnut Vale truck and Harriet Yale-096.jpg

1958 A random tractor shot-098.jpg

1958 David Hobart Yale-099.jpg

1958 Debbie Yale's Goat Sussy (1)-100.jpg

1958 Debbie Yale's Goat Sussy (2)-101.jpg

1958 Debbie Yale's Goat Sussy (3)-102.jpg

1958 Some type of construction-103.jpg

1959 Cleaning up an old tree ibby the old house on Yale Ave.-104.jpg

1959 Julius Robert Yale grinning at the camera-105.jpg

1959 Tree cutting in frony of Meriden House-106.jpg

1960 Bountiful Harvest-107.jpg

1960 corn ready for harvest-120.jpg

1960 Dandelions are nothing new-108.jpg

1960 every day view-121.jpg

1960 Fall view- maybe from Uncle Arthur Yale's Porch-109.jpg

1960 fields-122.jpg

1960 fog coming up from Wallingford in the south-123.jpg

1960 I think thats the Wilbur Cross Parkway-Rt 15 that split Uncle Arthur Yale's farm-110.jpg

1960 I think this is looking north-111.jpg

1960 look at the sheet of snow-124.jpg

1960 looking North-west-125.jpg

1960 Looking towards Hubbard Park-112.jpg

1960 looking west in winter-126.jpg

1960 maybe on the farm-127.jpg

1960 Maybe the Miller house-113.jpg

1960 no idea where this is-128.jpg

1960 not everything is grown for the cows-129.jpg

1960 not sure where this is either-130.jpg

1960 Now thats a hay stack-114.jpg

1960 Ralphs Barn-east side of Yale Ave-115.jpg

1960 Sunset in Meriden-116.jpg

1960 sunset-pretty, but I don't think he took it at the farm-131.jpg

1960 thanksgiving is coming-132.jpg

1960 view 01-133.jpg

1960 Walnut Vale Faarm corn cut in field-117.jpg

1960 Walnut Vale grew food for the family-118.jpg

1960 Winter 01-119.jpg

1960 winter 02-134.jpg

1960 winter 03-135.jpg

1960 winter 04-136.jpg


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