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Maps for D&D- more particularly Rescue at Riverroar and return to the Moathouse.

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Moathouse Dungeon


For the actual maps I used at origins there are two files:

moathouse map 1-1 DCY.pdf is the first and moathouse map 1-2 DCY.pdf is the second.

and here is the dungeon level- moat house dungeon.pdf

These have the artwork and Gygax's face hidden on them.

For Origins I printed on regular paper using a color laser, then used a glue stick to mount the map on a 36"x48" cardboard presentation board. I hads to restick a corner or two during the convention, but it worked well.

Below are versions without the artwork.

Moathouse #1:

Here is the first moathouse map- it was too wide to put in one file.

For a JPG that is darker than this image CLICK HERE.

For a PDF of this file set to print on letter size sheets of paper which are then taped, glued, or whatever (I print them on sticker stock and mounted them on foam board) CLICK HERE.

Here is the second half. Again, for a JPG full size CLICK HERE.

For the PDF tiled version CLICK HERE.

Rescue at Rivenroar- these maps are low detail so as not to add too many clues.

I did not do the road enocounter. You can draw that in 2 minutes on a battlemap.

These maps are pdfs. Each page is a tile with a half inch overlap of the graphics. You print them, trim them, and either just tape them together or mount them with some type of adhesive.

This is MAP1

This is MAP2

This is MAP3

This is MAP4

This is MAP5

This is MAP6

This is MAP7

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