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This year (2014) the kid is playing on Litchfield Hills Lacrosse's High School Girls team. Some games I go to I take pictures and most of the time I'll post them here.

Playing Wooster School on May 10, 2014. It's the first half only. I out the camera away when it started to rain.

Intersting thing about the first half of this game. When you take digital pictures the camera insterts the date and time into the picture in a data header that you can't see, but can be read with the right software. The first picture I took was time stamped 13:12:50 (my camera is an hour off- blame daylight savings time) and the game had already started. The last picture had a time stamp of 13:51:36. That's still in the first half. A half is supposed to be 25 minutes, running clock except time outs and the last two minutes. So how does a 25 minute half last 39 minutes???? Maybe I simply misunderstand the rules/

Another intersting point. The Connecticut New York Youth Lacrosse Association says that play is to be suspended when thunder is heard, and remain suspended for 30 minutes after the last thunder or lightning. I checked and checked and couldn't see any rule that said you should wait until the third boom is heard.

Playing Canterbury School on May 7, 2014.

Playing Nonnewaug in May 2014.

Playing Wolcott April 23, 2014, trying out my new 80-200 2.8 lens (well, new to me at least)

Playing Wallingford Varsity April 1, 2014

My kid is now a happy freshman at Sacred Heart. Here are some pictures from school events

SHHS Football v Wolcott Sept. 13, 2013 I am learning new things about sports photography at night under the lights. It's not as bright as you think out there.

"SHHS Football v Holy Cross Oct. 4, 2013 I was using a great lens, but it is not made for available light photography at night. Even under that limitation, there are some imteresting shots.

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